Oxalic acid vaporizers with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa.

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Oxalic acid vaporizers with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa. Professional oxalic acid vaporizers.

How our vaporizers for oxalic acid works

The oxalic acid treatment is suitable for use in organic beekeeping. The powdered oxalic acid is heated until it is vaporized. The oxalic acid vapor forms microcrystals that kill it in contact with the varroa mite. Instead, these crystals are well tolerated by bees. There are two types of vaporizers, with slow vaporization and fast vaporization, and we produce them both.

Slow vaporizer models

They are generally preferable and in any case more suitable in the cold months, when the claster of the bees is contracted. With these vaporizers the cup into which the oxalic acid is placed is inserted into the hive. The heat produced by the cup and the greater vaporization time allow the cluster to open and the treatment reaches its maximum effectiveness.

Fast vaporizer models

When the game gets tough and beekeeping becomes a profession, every beekeeper is faced with the “time available” problem. Every professional beekeeper knows when the time is right to administer oxalic acid and make it effective even with fast vaporizer systems.
OXALIKA PRO is a series of fast sublimation vaporizers available in 4 versions. It is possible to switch from one version to another by purchasing the appropriate accessories separately.


With its 300-360 Watts of power, the temperature control and the specially designed and insulated boiler can administer oxalic acid passing from one hive to the next without pauses. The vaporizer retains the ability to vaporize immediately after the previous vaporization has just ended. The straight diffuser tube is very rarely obstructed and is available in two versions: short, for treatment from behind; long, for treatment from flight opening. The vaporization time is 10 seconds to administer 1 gram and 20-25 seeds to administer 2 grams of oxalic acid.


Of all the vaporizers for oxalic acid powder, OXALIKA PRO SMART is by far the simplest to use and the most practical. With the quick loading valve it is possible to enter the acid dose for the next hive during the vaporization of the current dose and thus recovering the downtime. With this sublimator it is really simple to increase and decrease the dose of acid to accommodate the variability of the size of the hives we are treating. Entering the next dose is very simple if you are using a modified syringe supplied with the sublimator. In the Video section you can see how simple it is to use this vaporizer.


This oxalic acid vaporizer completes all the features of the PRO Easy model with the addition of a semi-automatic dosing system. The beekeeper chooses the dispenser suitable for his needs (1, 1.5 or 2 grams), fills the tank with about 45 grams of oxalic acid and is ready to move from one hive to the next without having to continuously manipulate the oxalic acid in dust. This sublimator is suitable for very large apiaries with very similar hives and which all require the same amount of oxalic acid. This is because, depending on the dose to be administered, the sublimator must be configured with the appropriate dispenser (1, 1.5 or 2 grams)