Oxalic acid vaporizers with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa.

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Oxalic acid vaporizers with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa. Professional oxalic acid vaporizers.

OXALIKA BASIC vaporizer for oxalic acid

OXALIKA Basic vaporizer for oxalic acid ideal for hobbyist beekeepers or with few hives to treat. Duration of treatment 3 minutes per hive.


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OXALIKA BASIC vaporizer for oxalic acid

The cup can be immersed in water to speed up cooling.
The electrical circuit is isolated from the metal parts and therefore, unlike other sublimators, there is no risk of a short circuit if several sublimators fed with the same battery come into contact with each other. Equipped with an electrical protection fuse.

Instructions for Use:


The OXALIKA Basic vaporizer complies with the provisions of the directives:

  • 2011/65/EU (ROHS)
  • 2014/30 / EU (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive)

This appliance is to be considered exclusively for beekeeping use for the vaporization of oxalic acid suitable for the purpose. The OXALIKA Basic vaporizer was designed and built in order to
meet specific needs for the Varroa treatment of beehives populated by bees. The device is used in treatments against brood-free colony mites in November or December. Given the high efficacy of the OXALIKA vaporizer (>96%), it is possible to reduce the varroa population so that the bees will be in ideal condition for the following season.

Frequently asked questions

Why does the Basic model need to be cooled between treatments?

Because the Oxalika Basic vaporizer does not have temperature control and if it does not cool down, the cup can reach too high temperatures (400-500 ° C and even more).

What battery can I use for the Basic model and how many hives can I treat with it?

With a 45 AH car battery, you will have an autonomy of at least 2 hours and you can do at least 30-40 treatments of 2 grams of oxalic acid or 35-45 treatments of 1 gram of oxalic acid.

Obviously, there are batteries of different quality and efficiency.
To keep your battery efficient, the first rule is to make sure it is always charged even when not in use. To prevent it from losing efficiency, the voltage must always be above 12.4 volts. The second rule is to prevent complete discharge, the voltage must never drop below 11.5 volts.

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