Oxalic acid vaporizers with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa.

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Oxalic acid vaporizers with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa. Professional oxalic acid vaporizers.

Professional oxalic acid vaporizer OXALIKA PRO Fast for Tablets

Oxalic acid vaporizer for professional use with semi-automatic dispenser for oxalic acid in 1 gram tablets with a diameter of 12-13 mm. Also supplied with a process cap. Quick and easy to use. Equipped with temperature control, available in 12 Volt, 110 Volt, and 220 Volt. CE and RoHS certified.


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OXALIKA PRO Fast Professional Vaporizer for Tablets

High power 300-360 Watts.

Available in: 12 Volt, 110 Volt and 220 Volt.

Anticorodal aluminum boiler

Guarantees a more uniform temperature distribution without the formation of “hot spots” and “cold points”. In this way a lower vaporizer time is obtained (10 seconds for tablet).

Insulated boiler

Makes the device insensitive to low ambient temperatures and the presence of wind and contributes to battery saving.

Interchangeable diffuser tube

For treatment from the cable cover or from the opening of flight also with hives with the little door, plastic and polystyrene hives.
The diffuser tube is straight making obstruction more difficult and, in any case, its possible unclogging easier.

Very robust and reliable construction.

It works with pure oxalic acid in 1 gram tablets with a diameter of 12-13 mm.

Check if the use of pure oxalic acid for sublimated use is allowed in your country.

Instructions for Use:


Instructions for Use:



The OXALIKA Pro Fast vaporizer is CE and RoHS certified.

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between the OXALIKA PRO FAST and PRO EASY vaporizer?

The OXALIKA Pro FAST vaporizer has a semi-automatic dispenser which helps to save time. It only works with high purity, not wet, oxalic acid (about 99.8%). Using the Fast version takes some practice and it’s best to get carried away before using it in hives.

The EASY version is very “easy to use” and works even if the oxalic acid has excipients (such as api-bioxal) or any impurities. The beekeeper needs to know what type of oxalic acid is allowed in his country.

Can I use process caps in the FAST model?

Yes. You have to buy them separately.

Which battery can I use for the OXALIKA PRO Fast vaporizer for tablets and how many hives can I treat with it?

A 12 Volt car battery with a capacity of at least 70 AH is recommended. You will have autonomy for at least 1 hour. If possible, it is recommended to connect the vaporizer to the car battery for an initial warm-up (8-10 minutes) with the engine running. So switch to the other battery only when the vaporizer is hot. If you have hives close to each other and you can go directly from one to the other, you can do at least 80-100 treatments with this method.

Obviously, there are batteries of different quality and efficiency.
To keep your battery efficient, the first rule is to make sure it is always charged even when not in use. To prevent it from losing efficiency, the voltage must always be above 12.4 volts. The second rule is to prevent complete discharge, the voltage must never drop below 11.5 volts.

The Fast distributor is fixed only by an O-ring to the boiler. Is it enough or can it be detached with the blows of the hammer?

The o-ring is the right connection for safety reasons. When the battery is too low, or when there is a strong cold wind, it can happen that the temperature at the end of the diffuser tube gets too low and the tube can become clogged (especially if you are using the long tube). In this case, the distributor works as a safety valve and separates from the boiler by making a small jump. This prevents the pressure from reaching dangerous values ​​in the boiler. When, after many uses, the O-ring does not allow normal operation it must be replaced but it is very economical.

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